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As a professional who makes a living selling scrap metal from old cars, you know how valuable catalytic converters can be. However, you also know that this lucrative business can vary based on changing precious metal prices. For this reason, you need a catalytic converter price lookup app that allows you to research current scrap catalytic converter prices with a few taps of your finger. That’s where the Catalytic Converter Connections app comes in.

We’ve invented an advanced scrap converter price lookup app that gives professionals like you accurate information about the value of cat converters on the market today. With this catalytic converter database at your fingertips, you can sell converters at top dollar to scrap metal dealers and recycling organizations.

When you subscribe to our app, you’ll have the chance to select from three different catalytic converter pricing subscriptions. Let’s look at what each tier offers.


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The first tier to our catalytic converter pricing subscriptions is available for just $24.99. With this level, you will have access to a catalytic converter price list with pictures any day of the week and any time of day. Every search will display one of our 10,000 high-quality images so that you can easily classify the converter on your hands.

Once you’ve matched your scrap converter with the right model, you’ll have an accurate idea of how much it is worth. Using that information, you can sell the converter for all its worth or buy one at a fair price. If you would like to create tickets or customize the app’s branding, consider upgrading to one of our more robust catalytic converter pricing subscriptions.

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For $49.99, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of a Tier I subscription, plus many more features that are advantageous for scrap metal dealers and auto recycling companies. With our more advanced catalytic converter pricing subscriptions, you can create tickets and invoices within our app, making it easy to manage customers and keep detailed records of purchases and sales.

You’ll also have access to the Customer Management Dashboard and be able to take IDs and licenses to stay compliant and minimize risks. The best part of our catalytic converter database is being able to adjust your margins so you can quickly calculate the exact amount you should ask for to make a profit.

Tier III Subscription Ticket


$300.00 *

You can make buying and selling scrap cat converters even more lucrative by signing up for the Tier III subscription on our app. This subscription level gives you access to all the features from Tier I and Tier II, including access to the catalytic converter price list with pictures, but it also allows you to customize the app to reflect your organization’s own branding. Add your company’s name, logo, and brand color to communicate the professionalism your customers desire. Then, invite users to the app, set company and individual user hedges, and manage buyers’ tickets with just a few screen taps. Set rules requiring members of your organization to collect critical compliance information, such as seller information and material photos. After an initial $500 fee to set up your custom branded organization and $300 per month after that, you can benefit from all these great features.


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